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Moar Chapter I

Decided I didn't want to end the chapter there at all. Here's the second half of it. 3749 words as of right now.

In Which the kids go to the beach and something weird happensCollapse )


Chapter I

Part III

So still no fantasy content. Nothing much happens in this part, really. It's just Jane thinking about stuff. I think next time, though, her mom's ex-husband might be making an appearance.

Word Count: 5,147

Yet More NaNoCollapse )

Untitled '07 NaNo Part II

I swear to god, the fantasy part of it is going to come in before too long.

Word Count: 3602

More NaNoCollapse )

Untitled '07 NaNo, Part 1

I am not doing chapters this year. Or at least, not so far. I'm just going to be posting what I have as I have it, and what I have today is this: 1686 words.

beginningCollapse )
Standard disclaimers apply. Still don't sue me.

Much ado about Hogwarts letters.

Chapter TwoCollapse )
Standard disclaimers apply. Don't sue my ass, I can barely pay my rent.

I do apologise for the craptasticity of the obituary. I have no idea how to write one, and I threw something together for the sake of a first draft.

Chapter OneCollapse )

Another Year, Another NaNo

Well, okay, not quite. But almost.

My plot is attempting to kill me this year, kids. It wants to leave itself up to chance when any thinking person knows it has to be outlined, with extensive use of note cards, and re-outlined and timelined and carefully checked for accuracy against all the information I can glean from the books before I can set pen to paper fingers to keyboard and get cracking.

I wholeheartedly intend to wrangle it into submission by Sunday. If I have to sit down with a bottle of Captain Morgan and a stack of 3x5s, scrawling down everything that comes into my head, then sober up and shuffle the scenes around, I will totally do it.