The Wolf Does NaNoWriMo

Now with added snarkflirting!

Wolf A. Woman
16 September 1982
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This journal is the repository for slythwolf's NaNoWriMo efforts. Expect it to become furiously active each November and subside completely during all other months. Friend at will, but don't expect me to friend you back with this journal; I might friend you with my main journal (if I haven't already).

The 2010 NaNovel does not yet have a title. It is World of Warcraft fan fiction about the adventures of NPCs Asric and Jadaar leading up to, during and after the Cataclysm. No part of it will be posted until it is complete and betaed, at which point I will upload it to AO3 and link to it here.

Feedback is my favourite mind-altering substance. Constructive criticism is the best kind.